Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Yesterday when I look at the calendar I nearly fell off my chair, realizing it was the 17th of December and my Xmas plan is still in its first draft. I have no hope to even get to the P.O. being a cripple as I am at the moment. And this will be my only excuse for this mass letter to keep in touch with you all.
As you can see from the letterhead, I had been obsessed with my beautiful  fowl of antiquity i.e the bush turkey.  Since September, as I began my spring sowing and planting this quaint creature chose my garden for his nest to lure in his female company. 
So this story went. 

Lien: off to Bunning to get more plants, soil, mulch……
Lien came home: Dug, planted, watered the garden, looking gleefully at the result.

Turkey… waddled through looking gleefully at the lush garden: …..Ah paradise discovered!!!. Perfect place for my nest…..scratched… dug… pulled… tossed ….. the mound mounted up …..

Lien: came down for the afternoon watering looked desperately at the mound…. ARHARHARH BLOODY TURKEY…. Running after the turkey ….  Where are all my new plants….. undo the mound….. re dug, replanted re watered….. 
Dreaming about braised turkey on menu …

Turkey flew up to the tree….. Ha Ha try to catch me!!!!!. 

Lien furiously reacted, fell into the hole in the garden, wrecked her back tore her knee joint. 

Before launching into a big job, I went to see the doctor and he did not think it very serious so I went ahead : did my wedding catering in Tenterfield  and went to MONA in Hobart to celebrate my son’s birthday : Quan being “$)” 
But then it all tumbled down. My left leg collapsed at Hobart Airport so I had to be wheeled around in Melbourne and now confined to the couch with my leg off the ground under nurse Quan’s and Nurse Barbara’s care.
I had fully intended to write to everyone this year by hand, I miss receiving hand written letters through the post.  
So here we are back to the inevitable: a public announcement to let you know that I am still around, a bit crippled but still have most of my faculties even some only at half capacity.
My trainee Chi came for over 3 weeks to help me with the wedding. I am so pleased to know Chi a bit better, he turns out to be a great cook and a constant gardener. We missed having Chi around. But he said he will learn English and tries to come back.
The experience of catering for a country wedding was amazing with the capable assistant of the Captain and his troupe. 
Earlier in the year we did another interesting catering job in Stradbroke Island for the Australian Institute of Architects. 
That sums up my present working life besides a few food experiments. The fish sauce brew result was very encouraging, and I am hoping this year I can make a larger quantity in a small wooden vat with proper spigot. 
As for the other products like sauces and pickles , they have been my casual affairs, similar to my blog writing. May be my new year wish could be : BE MORE CONSISTANT AND PATIENT. A feat to achieve for a hot headed Arian .
The most exciting thing I did this year was to run away to the US for a month with a friend to see the Sydney Theatre Company Production “uncle Vanya” where I saw the iconic Australian actors and actresses close up!!!  Also I had a good time with my family.

But now  the most IMPORTANT POST:
To celebrate the Year of the Snake (which is my totem) and to think over ½ a century in Australia I would love to see everyone whom I crossed path in the last 51 years to come to my party on Saturday 9th February 2013. 
Please remember this date and turn up I am waiting for you
Mean time 
Lien Yeomans

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  1. I've only just read this now! This is Sally, one of your waitresses from Green Papaya. I would love to come but have two little ones to tow. I hope you have a marvellous night and year for this snake year to come. I loved my time working for you. I hope your injury heals soon. I also hope to catch up with you sometime in the future. XX Sally