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November 2011 was a busy month for us at Village Chance kitchen, besides lunch bookings for the Australian volunteer dentist team working at the Training Centre, and for the MC of Paris By Night and her friends,  we had dinner bookings for the KOTO staff and  for the Mini Reunion of the 1962 Colombo Plan Graduates.
These bookings gave the trainees the opportunities to practice their new skills and the guests had the chance to enjoy the unique food style which is free of MSG, flavour enhancer, artificial colourings and preservatives .
Many requests for recipes were received and I promised they would be in the next post.
However,  the next post kept getting postponed due to Christmas parties, New Year parties and Year of the Dragon parties. After so many parties I suffered from a disease known to me as "DBC"  (Deflated Balloon Condition) which caused me to be the laziest and most unmotivated person on earth. 
Finally I managed to shock myself out of of this state with the FROGS and here come the duck and the green papaya salad requested by the dentists from Sydney. All other recipes will be in the next few posts.   

Duck in orange sauce (inspired by a TV show of Rick Stein) 
2kg                            duck trimmed off neck, legs, wing tips and back portion reserved for stock. Removed excess fat for frying. Discarded tail glands. Separate drumsticks, thighs, wings,
                                   cut each breast into two with skin on.
2                                tspns salt
2                                tbspns ginger juice
8                                golden shallots, thinly sliced
4                                garlic cloves, thinly sliced
2                                cm ginger julienned
20                              mls fish sauce
2                                lemon grass stems (the white sections only) thinly sliced
2                                red chillies discard stems leave whole
6                                star anises
800mls                      fresh squeezed orange juice
2                               tspns arrowroot flour (heaped)
5                               spiky coriander leaves, cut into 2cm lengths.
In a dry thick frying pan fry the duck skin down until golden brown to extract oil from skin. Remove duck pieces, add salt & ginger juice to marinate for a little while, and place skin up in a casserole pot.
Use two tablespoons of duck fat from the same frying pan, fry the golden shallot, garlic and ginger until aromatic, add fish sauce,  stir to mix, then add lemon grass, chillies and star anises, stir for a few second then add 600ml of orange juice. Mix well, then pour this mixture into the duck in the casserole, add some duck stock if the sauce did not cover the duck.
Bring to boiling then lower heat to just simmer, place the lid on and simmer until duck is tender.
Remove duck pieces,  arrange them on a serving place,  covered and kept warm.
Strain the sauce from the casserole, using a spoon to squash up the solid and ladle some duck stock to get all the flavour out. Discard solids.
 Place the resulted clean sauce into a clean sauce pan.
Mix the 200ml of orange juice left with the arrowroot flour,
Bring the duck sauce to boiling, add mixture of arrowroot flour to thicken the sauce.
Pour the sauce over the warm duck pieces, arrange spiky coriander over. Serve hot with steamed rice or crispy petit pain.

Duck in spicy orange sauce

 Lien Yeomans’ Green Papaya Salad
1                              Peeled, seeded, shredded and rinse in cold water, drained.
200g                        White granular sugar
50ml                        freshly squeezed lemon juice
3                              cloves of garlic, finely minced
1                              hot chilli, finely minced
50ml                        fish sauce
3tbspns                    mixed fresh herbs finely shredded
3tbspns                    finely chopped roasted peanut
2tbspns                    freshly roasted sesame seeds, lighly crushed
Sprinkle sugar over shredded green papaya, leave for 30minutes until sugar dissolves completely. Squeeze off sugar water, loosen shredded papaya into a salad bowl.
Mix lemon juice with garlic, chilli and fish sauce. Pour over green papaya, gently mix well. Add shredded herbs, Arrange on a plate.
Sprinkle peanut and sesame seed over.
 A mountain of green papaya salad

Tim , John Anne-Laure, Lien with the Australian dentist team
Next post: Vegetarian dishes for the MC of Paris By Night who happened to be the daughter of a past South Vietnamese president whom I met over 45 years ago in Sydney.

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