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Some Recipes for Lien Yeomans Sauces

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Some recipes using Lien Yeomans Sauces

1 Roasted Chili Sauce:

Spicy Beef: (as from the old GP menu)
Note: Require very high heat for fast cooking
For 4
500g Lean top side  in 1 piece, trimmed and cut in thin slice across the grain 4cmx3cm.
50ml Fish sauce
1tspn Lien Yeomans Roasted Chili Sauce
1tspn Minced garlic
1tspn Minced lemongrass
1tspn Freshly ground pepper
1/4tspn        Turmeric powder
1tspn Arrowroot flour or potato flour.
5oml Olive oil
1         Onion cut in thin segments.
1tbspn castor sugar
2tbspns         Rough crushed nuts (peanut/almond/cashew)
1         Fresh red hot chili seeded, cut into thin strips
Marinated sliced beef with all ingredients in order except onion,  sugar, nuts, chili strips.  
Covered and leave for at least 30 minutes.
Just before serving. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a wok. Fry ½ onion until aromatic add ½  marinated beef on high heat stir quickly to cook until beef change color add sugar stir to caramelize, add crushed nut serve hot with cucumber slices and cinnamon basil with plain rice.

2. Roasted Sweet Chili Sauce

Braised Pork Rib with  Sweet Chili Sauce
Note the best cut for this dish is the  “string” American spare ribs (more meat than bone)
For 4
1kg        American spare ribs, cut into single rib.
4        Golden shallots finely chopped
4        Garlic cl0oves finely chopped
1tbspn        Raw sugar
1tbspn        Fish sauce
60mls        Lien Yeomans Roasted Chili Sauce
2tbspns        finely chopped green shallots
½ cup       cinnamon basil leaves
Heat a large flat botto frying pan until hot, arrange the ribs in single layer, lower the heat and dry fry the rib until golden brown on both sides. If there is enough fat in the pan add golden shallot and garlic and fry until aromatic with the rib, then add sugar stir to mix and cook sugar caramelize, add fish sauce cook for a few minutes, then add 100ml of water, cover the frying pan lower the heat to just simmer. Cook until the water almost absorbed, add Roasted Sweet Chili Sauce, green shallot and basil leave stir to mix. Serve with steamed rice.

3. Lien Yeomans Yellow Bean Sauce
This is a pure vegetarian sauce

Vegetarian Stir fry with yellow bean sauce
50ml Vegetable oil
1tspn ginger cut into thin strips
1/cup white part of leek cut into strips
50ml Coconut juice
5         soaked shiitake mushroom cut into quarters
5         soaked black fungus (thin black ones) cut into small pieces
100gr Hard tofu cut into thin slices
60mls Lien Yeomans Yellow Bean Sauce
100gr Baby corn , cut into half lengthwise if it is too big
100gr Snow peas, cut into half diagonally if too big
1/2cup         Roughly chopped coriander leaves
Heat oil in frying pan in medium heat, add ginger and leek. Add coconut juice mushroom , fungus, and tofu, stir to mix then add Yellow bean sauce, baby corn. Stir to cook for a few minutes, add snow peas as soon as they become bright green add coriander, serve hot with rice, noodle or pasta.

4. Lien Yeomans Turmeric Marinade

Can be used with fish, pork, chicken for grilling or for stir fry mustard green

Grilled Turmeric fish
500g White fish fillet (ling, snapper, mackerel or any firm fish), cut into large pieces. Drained on kitchen paper.
60mls Lien Yeomans Turmeric Marinade
50ml vegetable oil
1 cup Mix chopped dill and white part of green shallot
Marinate fish pieces in Turmeric marinade for at least 30 minutes. Grill until golden.
Heat oil in frying pan add dill and shallot, cook briefly to wilt.
Arrange grilled fish on plate, pour dill mixture over

5. Lien Yeomans Lemon Myrtle Marinade

Can be used with prawns, chicken or beef for grilling or baking

Grilled Bicycle chicken
Bicycle chicken is free range chicken just under 1kg
1 free range small chicken, trimmed, and quarter.
60mls Lien Yeomans Lemon Myrtle Marinade
Wipe chicken quarters with kitchen paper,  well coated with lemon myrtle marinate. Leave for 30minutes. Bake in 200C oven until golden (approx. 30-40minutes).
Serve hot with rice, pasta, noodle with a green salad.

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